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How to redirect all http request into https using htaccess?

To redirect http url or request into https version you need to add certain rules into .htaccess file. To do this you need to create .htaccess file or edit if you already have it. Add the following rule in .htaccess file: RewriteEngine On RewriteCond %{SERVER_PORT} 80 RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 The third line does the main work. It redirects all request into https version. Just change into your ... Full story

How to solve www version of website not working?

Sometimes due to misconfiguration www version of the website does not works. i.e works and does not works. To solve this issue you need to add DNS record. Add the following and save: Type:CNAME Name:www Value:@ TTL:3 Hour To do this on godaddy server follow the steps: Login to your account. Go to My Products > Domains. Go to DNS of respective domain. Click on ADD button. Add the value for Type, Name, ... Full story

How to transfer existing domain with another hosting in cpanel for godaddy hosting?

Suppose you have old Hosting H1 and domain D1. You have purchased new hosting H2 with cpanel. Now you want domain D1 to new hosting as a multiple hosted domain in H2. To do this follow following steps: Copy all files and databases related to domain D1 from Hosting H1 o new Hosting H2. Go to Domain Manager and select domain D1. Now click on DNS Zone File ... Full story
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