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How to solve java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Failed resolution of: Lorg/apache/http/util/ByteArrayBuffer

To solve the this problem just put the following code below tag on the manifiest tag. For eg: <application android:icon="@drawable/icon" ...... android:theme="@style/AppTheme.NoActionBar"> <uses-library android:name="org.apache.http.legacy" android:required="false"/> This problem is caused by targeting target Android 9 and above versions ... Full story

How to solve “NotAllowedError: play() can only be initiated by a user gesture.” audio problem in javascript android webview?

While playing audio in javascript using webview in android platform we may encounter following problem NotAllowedError: play() can only be initiated by a user gesture.. This is due to security and good user experience issue. So to enable sound play we should use following code in android: Android SDK below 17 will not support this hack so we should use the condition. Please comment if ... Full story

Android Device not detecting on computer device or android studio? Solved

I had come across weird problem i.e my android device is not being detected on any of the computer device either Mac or windows. I went through several websites but none of them worked. Being depressed one day an idea busted. I thought to clean the port. Yes i cleaned every dirt on the phones charging port and it worked like a charm. Now the android phone ... Full story

javascript new date not working in iphone and android devices with NAN and Undefined error

Today i found a new problem, the date object working perfectly in desktop web browsers but not working in android browsers and iphone browsers. The problem is they issue NAN and Undefined errors. So what is the universal solution? There is a simple solution to the problem. You should declare date as following format: If you are processing date from php then the ... Full story

Solution to “Tabhost Inside a navigationDrawer not updated after orientation changes”

I came across another weird problem that i had TabHost inside Navigation Drawer and it works fine when loaded but while i change the orientation of the Android Device it displays nothing(..there might be the same case for other configuration changes as well). There is a simplest solution to this. You need to change FragmentPagerAdapter instead of FragmentStatePagerAdapter in your TabHost class. i.e. Change ... Full story
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