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How to transfer existing domain with another hosting in cpanel for godaddy hosting?

Suppose you have old Hosting H1 and domain D1. You have purchased new hosting H2 with cpanel. Now you want domain D1 to new hosting as a multiple hosted domain in H2. To do this follow following steps: Copy all files and databases related to domain D1 from Hosting H1 o new Hosting H2. Go to Domain Manager and select domain D1. Now click on DNS Zone File ... Full story

How to completely remove filezilla from macOS ?

Sometimes Filezilla creates problem connecting to server with FTP. The easiest solution is to check the connection from another computer. If it worked on another computer then there is something wrong in your computer's filezilla, in this case Filezilla should be uninstalled completely and reinstalled again. Is that all? Nope. You should delete the config files located in your .config folder. Here is what you ... Full story

javascript new date not working in iphone and android devices with NAN and Undefined error

Today i found a new problem, the date object working perfectly in desktop web browsers but not working in android browsers and iphone browsers. The problem is they issue NAN and Undefined errors. So what is the universal solution? There is a simple solution to the problem. You should declare date as following format: If you are processing date from php then the ... Full story

How to show all errors in php?

Without editing php.ini it is possible to display almost all errors in php by adding following 3 lines of codes on the top of the php page: Hope it helped you. If it helped please do not forget to comment below. Thanks. Full story

How to Show hidden files or Hide files in Mac OS?

How to Show hidden files or Hide files in Mac OS?
sometimes we might encounter the situation that we need to see or edit the hidden files in mac os. For example we need to show .htaccess file in the htdocs folder and edit it. There is a command to show and hide the files in the mac. Type and run the following in the terminal: Command to show the file:     defaults write AppleShowAllFiles YES Command to hide ... Full story
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