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How to reset all table contents in django database using or controller?

Sometimes we need to delete or truncate all the database tables in django project from the or controller file. First of all you need to go to open the and add the following code to your some functions: Modelname.objects.all().delete() Here, the Modelname is your django model Class name in Then run the application and make sure that the control reach the line where you added the ... Full story

How to solve indentation error in python?

Hi guys, Today i am in mood to discuss the common indentation error in python code. We frequently get the indentation errors such as: IndentationError: unindent does not match any outer indentation level IndentationError: unexpected indent To solve this very easily just type the following code in the command line: python -m tabnanny Instead of use your own python file name. This command will suggest the line where the ... Full story
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